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Today is 8/29/2015 9:35:00 AM
Welcome to my Nightmare!! It's your first visit!
  crctr649_thm.jpg (4025 bytes) If you are a Hot Chick and want to party with us at killer events - Email me at  - send a pic - you've seen me!

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Come see what this is all about. Check out why I made a digital shrine to someone I love dearly, myself!
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check out the latest from the on-line galley. With my digital camera I am personally documenting my world. See what I look like & do for a living. Check out my Lair of evil
Movie Premiere Pics. See my recent Hollywood Movie Premieres. 

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Playboy Mansion -
Hugh Hefner's Birthday!

arrow.gif (139 bytes)Howard Stern at the Playboy Mansion!
The best night of my life!  Beth Ostrosky photos too!

See and Vote for my Hot Chick Friend from Playboy - Dillon! 

Check out Dillon's yahoo group - very cool!!

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See my rave of the day! You are personally invited to explore my psyche. I warn you this can be somewhat disturbing. See what I like and what I don't.
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Come on it and get a chuckle!
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Check out my passions, hobbies and other geeky stuff.


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